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Textile designer John Robshaw travels the world in search of inspiration for his designs, and if you’re a huge fan of his brand- as I am- it’s pretty obvious his favorite place is India. During his visits to Vietnam, Bolivia, Zimbabwe and other exotic locales, Robshaw works with local artisans on fabrics that combine traditional techniques with fresh pattern and color. In the mid 1990’s straight out of art school, he set up his painting studio in New York and then traveled to Bangkok for a stint- and even studied traditional block printing in China- whereupon his return to New York resulted in the launch of his hand-block-printed Indian bedding line.


All photos courtesy of Elle Decor


Robshaw’s indigo bedding, afghan pillows and cotton ikats have become status symbols for the fashionable set and seem to be everywhere these days, even in Sasha’s and Malia’s bedrooms in the White House as well as the pages of Elle Decor, where his New York apartment is currently featured in the December issue. Robshaw’s dramatic space is located on the Lower East Side and was designed in collaboration with Sara Bengur, showcasing his iconic furnishings and worldly ancient treasures without being cluttered. Bold Asian influences happen to be on trend in fashion for 2014 and Robshaw’s eastern-inspired fabrics have also taken shape in his abode where exotic cultures blend with layering color, pattern and texture.



Global antiques, which include a Syrian dining table and antique campaign chests from India, are accessorized with Cambodian silk window shades and art work such as photographs of Egypt and Indian folk paintings. Robshaw also commissioned an artisan in India to make the kitchen’s wood and marble cabinets, where he undoubtedly entertains his many friends who are also designers and artists. And if he invites them to stay overnight, I’m sure his linen closet is stocked and stunning.

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