Get Vaccinated

Posted on: December 14th, 2020 by Carrie Young No Comments

As we slide into 2021 and consider a post pandemic future- that seems so strange– what are you looking forward to? News that the Pfizer vaccine made its debut this week has allowed us to finally think about those things we miss and when they might return. Of course, rolling out the vaccine will not mean an immediate end to the pandemic- as it will take months for it to be available to everyone across the country- yet there’s no dismissing the fact that the vaccine is a scientific triumph. In the meantime, some people’s health will continue to suffer from aftereffects of Covid-19, and the virus has taken its toll in many other ways: loved ones or relationships lost, vanished jobs, education disrupted. But the vaccine offers a glimpse of a post-pandemic future, the first suggestion that there might be an after time to the pandemic, in addition to a more sentimental before time.

Things some people have missed might surprise them: their daily crowded commute on the subway, that annoying traffic gridlock on the 405, or just the hectic pace in which we moved in life. Of course we’re all missing these fun things too: friends, traditions, normalcy like hugs, live theater, dinner parties, dating, and going to the movies. But we’re also missing things we thought would be impossible: a day spent at the office, running late for an appointment- in an office that isn’t a doctor’s- and even that annoying loud table next to you at dinner- indoor of course. Those of us who have been staying at home, working or not, are noticing that even the elements of our daily lives we may have found tedious have their own particular charm now. Personally, I feel nostalgic for everything I feel I missed in 2020, but now look forward to again in 2021…hopefully. A happy and healthy New Year to all.

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