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As 2020 comes to a long, exhausting end, Covid and the Holiday season are definitely a thing– and not in a good way. So, while gathering with friends and family is practically forbidden it doesn’t mean your coveted annual gift list has to go into hiding too. We’ve had a traumatic year with far too much stress and chaos, but there does seem to be a semblance of light in sight. With a new President and a vaccine on the horizon, 2021 can only get better- we hope. As Los Angeles appears to be sprinting towards a total lockdown part deux, why not gift locally and economically with an emphasis on home, comfort food, self-care, and keeping fit- and sane- outdoors. Meditate and set your intentions for 2021- go big– and stay safe, because the best gift of all is being covid-free. Here are some fun and resourceful ideas for those cool recipients on your list, naughty or nice. We could all use them…especially the first two.

Lord Jones Holiday Themed CBD gumdrops

Lord Jones has been doing the CBD thing longer – and chicer- than just about anybody else. Beautifully boxed old-fashioned gumdrops- nine gumdrops per box, each gumdrop containing 20 milligrams of CBD- in seasonal flavors like Sugarplum and Spiced Cranberry. $50

Balance CBD drops by Brown Girl Jane


The goal is to help badass women- and men- live life fully and holistically. $68

Yoga Mat from Toned by BaggedEm


Sisters Julia and Cornelia Gibson founded the company, giving the boring yoga mat a makeover. $59.99

Naked Cashmere Sleep Mask

Sleep soundly with this knitted, pure cashmere eye mask from Naked Cashmere. It also features a silk lining. $64

P.F. Candle Starter Kit

Husband-wife duo Kristen Pumphrey and Thomas Neuberger’s L.A.-based home fragrance brand, P.F. Candle Co., offers a starter kit that includes a candle, incense and diffuser in everything from the jasmine-scented Moonrise to the company’s woodsy-scented Dusk. $49

Apothia Home Candle

L.A. retailer Ron Robinson’s signature Apothia IF scent is made locally and includes notes of white flowers, grapefruit and yuzu. $58

Home jigsaw puzzle by Inner Piece

Meditation meets art. It’s the perfect way to step away from the chaos and enjoy a little quiet. L.A.-based Inner Piece says this has been one of their most popular offerings. $30

Fat and the Moon self-care set

This handmade herbal set from the Northern California-based company comes with a natural bath soak, body powder and body oil. $58

Marfa Brands handsoaps


Made with luxuriously soothing ingratiates such as olive, coconut and avocado oils, and scented with botanicals and essential oils. $35-40

Ritual Cleansing Kit from House of Intuition

We all could use a fresh start- hello 2021. This ceremonial kit includes matches, a sage bundle for burning, salts, an abalone shell to hold them, charcoal tablets, and infused candle and an incense blend curated for a particular intention. YES, please. $25

Jenny Pennywood everyday napkins

Each 15-by-15 inch linen and cotton napkin by artist Jen Garrido is unique. These graphic textiles, pillows, and tea towels are all screen-printed in San Francisco with water-based inks. $36

Heather Taylor Home/Doen plaid apron

LA designers Heather Taylor Home and Doen have teamed to produce a retro-modern plaid half apron that you could even wear outside the kitchen. $98

Coalatree Kachula Adventure Blanket

Eco-product maker Coalatree teamed with Utah whiskey-maker High West to create a limited-edition blanket made from recycled materials. The blanket also folds into a pouch to become a pillow and it also comes with a hood so you can use it as an emergency poncho. $83

Gjusta pantry gift box

L.A.’s cult foodie fave Gjelina group and its online gift store Gjusta Goods offers this gift box which includes marinated olive oil, herbed salt, California sage honey and chili vinegar. $44

June Taylor Jams

Berkeley-based June Taylor has been crafting singular jams for 30 years, made with mostly organic fruits. Taylor announced that she’s closing her business this year after the holidays, so this is the final opportunity to sample her legendary blood orange marmalade and apricot and peach conserves. $12 and up

Shimi Aaron babkas

Chef Shimi Aaron moved from London to Los Angeles this year and began selling his specialty: beautiful, ornate babkas- made with fillings like chocolate ganache and hazelnuts or halva and pecans- twisted into curves braids. They serve up to 12 people and freeze well. For the baker on your gift list, Aaron teaches babka making as well as dishes he grew up eating in Israel, via Zoom classes. $70 and up for babkas, $55 per session for classes

Mokuyobi Dreamscape bike barrel bag

This stylish bag is LA-made and attaches snugly to your bike. Foam insulated, it can hold a cold drink and snack on your next biking journey through the mountains.It also comes with a 46-inch detachable strap, so it can double as a crossbody once you get to your destination. $75

Los Angeles Horseback Riding reservation

Go wild-west in Topanga Canyon with this trail ride as an expert guide leads you and your horse into the Santa Monica Mountains. $100

Stylish fitness weights from Bala

L.A.-based Bala has reimagined weighted workout equipment into lightweight bar and bangles meant to be worn around ankles or wrists. They come in black, lilac, sage, sand and turquoise. $55 for the bars

Thru-hiking coach Zach Davis

If you’re thinking about walking from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail- post Covid of course- Zach Davis know what it takes as he completed this and the Appalachian Trail. Guiding has led him to hands-on consulting and coaching people on what it takes to finish. $100/hour

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