Glam Rock

Posted on: January 19th, 2016 by Carrie Young No Comments

Crystals aren’t just for hippies anymore, and Los Angeles-based jewelry designer Adina Mills is all about the crystal craze that’s currently hot with the fashionista-set. Hippie-chic has been enjoying its moment of late- you’ll find crystal-healing meditation classes and crystal energy readings all over LA- and nowadays you’re likely to see raw crystals weighing down waifish models on the runways; luxury brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Lanvin have incorporated the stones into their jewelry collections. Mills has been using crystals in her collections for years, and a lot of her clients want to know the properties of the stones- what heals what, as she favors apophyllite, tourmaline, and quartz.




Mills characterizes her jewelry as urban meets organic- Lena Dunham, amongst others are fans. She finds many of her gems in Arizona and tries to keep them as raw as possible. Her rings feature giant shards encased in branchlike settings made of spray-painted clay; substantial obelisk pendants dangle from woven cotton and nylon ropes or from vintage brass chains. Beyond any healing powers the stones may have, people are trying to feel connected to nature in a world that’s becoming increasingly separate from it. And who wouldn’t want to look chic with great energy?

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