Peaks and Valleys

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If you’re in search of tranquility and peace, a collection of 5 stylish eco-lodges can be found nestled high up in the spectacular Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. Amankora- an Amanresorts collection- is a luxury hotel set throughout Bhutan’s central and western valleys. Combining Aman, the Sanskrit derived word for peace, and Kora, circular pilgrimage in the Bhutanese language, Amankora’s spiritual journey offers guests an enriching experience while exploring the mountains, rejuvenating spa treatments, and gourmet local cuisine. Guests are provided with a full time guide and driver and stay in different rooms on their Amankora odyssey, each magical in its own way.






Bhutan’s rivers have forged deep valleys separated by high mountain passes and each valley’s scenic beauty and topography affords visitors an opportunity for unique exploration and discovery between them, which include hiking at an elevation of 7,382 ft. through Paro Valley, archery – Bhutan’s national sport – white-water rafting, fishing and golf. There are a number of monasteries – specifically Tiger’s Nest, which is built on a sheer cliff face at a height of 9,678 ft. that is visible from the valley floor – monuments, and Buddhist temples. Treks range from short valley walks to more strenuous full-day hikes over mountain trails where wild goats, langur monkeys and the occasional leopard may be sighted. There are five Amankora spas, deepening the guests experiences and appreciation of Bhutan’s unique natural and cultural resources. Monk territory has never been so luxurious.

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