Rock On

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Kimberly McDonald is the Los Angeles-based jewelry designer whose bracelets and earrings have been adorned on major celebrities and the first lady- that would be Michelle Obama. McDonald, originally from North carolina, worked with designer Jason Wu on the embellishment of that infamous red gown she wore at the inaugural ball. Her client is a sophisticated consumer who not only looks for the finest quality in a product, but also cares where the materials come from, how they are obtained, and how they are made. The jewelry line ranges from $1,800 to over $100,000 and represents a life long passion expressed in her namesake collections of fine jewelry and home accessories, which center on a deep appreciation of the melding of the raw and the fine.







McDonald launched in 2007 in New York, following her career as a curator of private clients’ fine jewelry collections. Her pieces have received overwhelming support and recognition from editors, stylists, and celebrities alike, such as Cameron Diaz and Cindy Crawford- and the first lady, of course. McDonald is known for her imaginative and dramatic use of Geodes- rock formations with crystal structures that have formed inside- set with diamonds and gemstones. In addition, she uses Agates which are highly regarded for strengthening and stabilizing, and her Opals are a true mystery.

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