Sugar Rush

Posted on: February 12th, 2013 by Carrie Young 1 Comment

One can never have enough options when it comes to sweet decadence, and that is why Mah Ze Dahr Bakery in New York- which launched in December- is the latest find to indulge in some serious treats. This new bakery concept- the name represents the notion that all cultures merge together through food- is the creation of Umber Ahmad, a world traveled passionate foodie, and celebrity-chef Tom Colicchio, whose culinary expertise can be seen in full force on television’s Top Chef. As of now, the bakery is solely an online business- whose beautiful images you see here come from their luscious website. Scouting for a location in the West Village is in play- aiming for a summer opening, while next week they will begin their wholesale distribution- armed with an exclusive contract with a high-profile brand, as well as selling their delicious-ness in some of Colicchio’s select restaurants in NYC.

Umber Ahmad and Nigella Lawson

Umber, an exotic multi-lingual beauty of Pakistani descent- and bares an uncanny resemblance to another kitchen goddess, Nigella Lawson- was raised in Michigan, and has an impressive pedigree in the business world. Dealing with luxury, consumer retail, and specialty food brands, she is adept at fostering partnerships in these markets to further enhance their companies …and in this case, one bite at a time.

These delectable baked goods are made with a perfect mix of whole ingredients and creative flair, and Food & Wine magazine is raving about their signature Mah-Ze-Dahr-Bar, which consists of brown sugar oatmeal crust, topped with buttered pecans and chocolate, then finished off with a salty and buttery caramel sauce- and sounds so addictive there should be a twelve-step program added to the ingredients. For the chocolate minded, there’s dark explosion cookies and dark chocolate brownies to satisfy your needs, and if you want to go lighter, the vanilla bean shortbread and heavenly cheesecake are tasty delights. As I’m now fantasizing about everything in this entire bakery, I just may have to ship most of it to me, which thankfully, is do-able.

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