The Main Thing

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The Main Museum of Los Angeles Art is a new cultural institution dedicated to LA art and artists, designed by Tom Wiscombe Architecture. Its first iteration, Beta Main– an experimental exhibition space funded by Tom Gilmore and Jerri Perrone- opens on Sunday, October 30 with the inaugural project Performance Lessons: Suzanne Lacy Teaches Andrea Bowers Performance Art. Located in the Old Bank District of downtown Los Angeles, Beta Main is the programmatic testing ground for the museum’s 100,000 square foot complex while undergoing construction. True to its name, Beta Main serves as a space to activate ideas for shaping The Main’s future programs, including residencies for LA artists. Throughout all phases of the institution’s development and specifically during Beta Main’s exhibitions, residencies, and public events, The Main will continue to refine its vision and methods as it learns from the public that it serves.



Lacy and Bowers will live in Beta Main’s two artists’ studios and work in its street-level gallery from October 30 – November 8, 2016. Each day, Bowers will be assigned lessons, develop performances, and undergo the formal critique process art students undertake as part of their education. The lessons and conversations with Lacy and invited performance artists and scholars – including Jerri Allyn, Eleanor Antin, Ed Bereal, Nao Bustamante, Meiling Cheng, Simone Forti, Anne Gaulden, Cheri Gaulke, Micol Hebron, Amelia Jones, Leslie Labowitz-Starus, Barbara T. Smith, Hirokazu Kosaka, Nancy Buchanan, Glenn Phillips, Susan Mogul, Melinda Guillen, Patrisse Cullors, and others – are free and open to the public. Conversations will delve into topics including aspects of 70s era performance including collaboration, framing daily life, the body, and politics. In preparation of and throughout Performance Lessons, Dr. Amelia Jones, Dr. Karen Moss, and Glenn Phillips will serve as project advisors for Lacy and Bowers.

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