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The lovely and vibrant Victoria Natkin Goodman, aka VNG Jewelry, is a Los Angeles-based artist who travels the world to exotic locales in search of fabulous vintage finds, then handcrafts them into couture jewelry pieces. These works of art are all one-of-a-kind statement pieces, each feeling as though it were made especially for you. What makes VNG so unique is Goodman’s ability to hunt down a vintage Chanel piece in Paris, and create a thoroughly modern crocheted cuff bracelet back in her LA studio. Her passion for the beauty and architecture of each find is evident in her knockout pieces that look far more pricey than they actually are…not to mention once these jewels are adorned around your neck or on your wrist, you’re looking very movie-star-ish.



vic27  vic26 vic25

Goodman uses vintage rhinestones, Swarovski crystals in various hues, gold, vintage silver, chains and black lacquer and then crochets them on metallic leather in shades like grey, white and black. One of her most stunning pieces is part of the Paris Collection, where four vintage gold tigers with emerald green Swarovski crystals are infused with black leather which makes for a bold necklace that could pass for Cartier…easily. And her impressive collection is vast, as she is constantly designing, finding new ways to utilize those rare old pieces she collects.


VNG CFO Mary Brahim with the designer Victoria Natkin Goodman



Producer Jayne Hong           Gethin Anthony and Harry Lloyd of Game of Thrones

vic29 vic32


Goodman showed off her goods at a splashy trunk show on April 30, which felt more like the line’s launch/coming out party. Hosted by Studio Becker in Beverly Hills, the red carpet event showcased Goodman’s most personal collection yet. Inspired by The Great Gatsby, Madmen, and the Royals, VNG’s baubles were laid out everywhere, like colorful eye candy. The vast array of gorgeous earrings, necklaces and bracelets reflect Goodman’s time and devotion put forth in creating each piece, all handmade in LA using her eye, her hand, and her heart. The collection leaves for London on May 30th, and don’t be surprised if you end up seeing some of these pieces on the royal family. Well, the one on TV…

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11 Responses

  1. Mary says:

    Loved the event! Unique collection that dazzled everyone!

  2. Congradulations Vittoria , Amazing Work 🙂 love your creations .Regina Salpagarova

  3. I adore Victoria’s style and ability to transform the simplest elements into wearable art. Frequently, I plan my outfits
    around her necklaces just to assure myself
    of a day filled with compliments and
    conversation with tasteful new and old friends!!

  4. Heide says:

    These pieces are unique, one of kind show stoppers!! You’ll feel like like the belle of the ball at any event. Victoria’s designs are amazing!!

  5. Dora Abbruscato says:

    I’ve never seen jewelry like this. It’s so unique and exquisite!! Would love to purchase a few pieces!!

  6. Julie Green says:

    Her collection is amazing. Each of her pieces is a statement of beauty and style.

  7. Naomi says:

    Loved the event! Victoria and Mary, you look stunning!!!

  8. All I can say is that Victoria and her amazing pieces are one of a kind fabulous!!!! You know you have to have at least one of her creations on your body at all times!!!
    Looking forward to also using some jewels for photoshoots in the future!!!

  9. Susan Simmons says:

    Your event in Los Angeles was wonderful! Before we arrived, I attempted to describe your artistry to my daughter, Sarah. The look on Sarah’s face upon first viewing the collection was so telling…it was though she had just discovered a treasure trove…each unique piece with your masterful interpretation, a paragon of perfection. We were both excited to have something so beautiful and one of a kind, that we would enjoy wearing for many years. I’ve worn the 17th century leather and hammered nail cuff bracelet…my favorite! Sarah has opted for the modern, futuristic, optical necklace…so cool…she LOVES it! Thank you for such a fabulous evening. I’m hoping we can catch the tour of the collection in London as well. Congratulations on your brilliant tour de force!
    Susan xx

  10. Elisabeth Costa de Beauregard says:

    Victoria is an artist and her pieces of jewelry very much embody her effusive personality and style! I own several pieces myself and use them for all occasions. She is dynamic, inspiring and an all around amazing woman and I so enjoy wearing her pieces and feel I get to fuse a little piece of her in me by doing so!. Love the current collection and look forward to the next!

  11. Debbie/ Dave & Lils says:

    Victoria…. Your elegance..,, style.., and passion for what you do shows in your amazing jewelry collection…. Congratulations on your RED CARPET EVENT!!!!!