Covid De-Stress

Posted on: November 18th, 2020 by Carrie Young No Comments

The stress is real. For most of 2020, we have felt intense uncertainty and chaos like never before. It’s been a rough time for most Americans… with Covid-19, the election, protests, unemployment, parents home schooling their children, personal losses, health issues, and the list goes on. So how to cope? We all have our own ways to deal, and some of us have become real pros at how to remain healthy and sane during these unprecedented times. With most people still working mainly from home, companies are offering benefits like virtual therapy and meditation apps to quiet people’s depression and anxiety. Headspace and Calm and virtual services like Lyra Health and Modern Health have seen a huge embrace by employers in recent months.

Once Covid hit, companies got a lot of feedback about how hard it was to disconnect from emails because people are constantly home. These apps allow people to disconnect and spend some purposeful moments thinking about, where’s my head at? Headspace is currently the fourth-highest grossing iOS App in the health and fitness category. Rival Calm is second. So many organizations have recognized that mental health is a must-have for employees rather than a nice to have. Former Facebook finance chief David Ebersman started Lyra Health six years ago after recognizing a dramatic shortage of access to mental health treatment across the country. Lynne Oldham, Zoom’s chief people officer, said she signed the company up with Lyra at the beginning the year, not because she’s psychic but because mental health was clearly becoming a more important issue among employees and wasn’t as utilized as it is today. Now it’s a lifesaver.

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