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Lindsey Adelman is illuminating Los Angeles, where the lighting designer has debuted her California studio. “Clients here have so much space and very few preconceptions about what we can do with lighting,” explains NYC-based Adelman when asked why L.A. felt like the right place to open her second studio. Located in an old garment factory, the site’s organic-meets-modern fixtures seem to float in the airy, pale loft. Adelman is already feeling the sunny, relaxed vibes. “The quality of light and outdoor living will influence my work,” she says. “Paying more attention to your health and mind, and spending quiet time in nature breeds creativity.”


And so it has. Her Cherry Bomb Cage Chandeliers can be found at Bird, the Culver City clothing boutique- and another recent Brooklyn transplant- while collections are on the way from two in-house designers, Mary Wallis and Karl Zahn. A self proclaimed science nerd, she sees math and science as beautiful, elegant, and mysterious, and feels humans are a part of that. The industrial designer’s branching chandeliers have revolutionized lighting design over the past decade where her fixtures depict science and nature, inviting us in to get out of our own way: to go into the eye of the storm and let ourselves be drawn in by mystery. By appointment.

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