Mask Up

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So, what’s 2020 been like for you? Just kidding. Insane would be an understatement. Who knew masks would be the key fashion accessory and a political statement at the same time. Covid-19 descended upon us without warning, in a once-in-a-hundred-year pandemic kind of way. Life suddenly stopped and then evolved quickly into a mirage of what we once knew. Masks, social distancing, and hand sanitizer were the buzz words of March and still are. Now eight months in, the early days of panic and fear- not to mention grocery store hoarding- are gone but we are left wondering when we’ll get normal back. How long must we continue to pair a Burberry mask with our matching trench? For most women our livelihoods, family, work, and relationships morphed into something very different and fashion reflected the new daily Covid lifestyle.

During the initial lockdown- or house arrest- a typical day for me would begin in morning sleep wear, then switch to afternoon yoga gear and eventually end in evening sweatpants. Cozy. But then summer rolled around and we felt safer to be outdoors, to be with friends and family, to cautiously get that manicure and blowout we desperately missed, so we needed to rethink everything. How do you live while navigating a pandemic? Intelligently and stealthily, which is why chic masks became a major fashion play. Not only were they mandated here in Los Angeles, we knew wearing a mask could save other people’s lives. Not to mention our own. Surgical masks have been my go to since the beginning of Covid because they’re the easiest- think disposable- and one of the most reliable to don. But as I ventured out to my carefully choreographed outdoor lunches and dinners, those blue paper masks were seriously clashing with my YSL and Hermes- even though I was often mistaken for a doctor, which wasn’t such a bad thing. Now, everyone is offering mask merch from major fashion designers, to stylish influencers, to local upscale grocery markets. And with Covid now surging out of control across the country, it’s more important than ever to stay covered. Maybe masks can be the new thong… but better for humanity. Stay safe, stay healthy, and wear your mask.


                     Marni                  Brian Lichetenberg tweed trio

                 Altalun cashmere face mask      Erdem multi face set

KES sustainable All in One face mask set      Helmut Lang

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