Picture Perfect

Posted on: December 1st, 2020 by Carrie Young No Comments

Have you ever fantasized about creating your own dream gallery wall? Well, now you can and it’s so easy. PiCTUREPLAYS¬†founder Fred Rubenstein created a fun and seamless way to design and install unique framed pictures that can be assembled from your computer, tablet or phone. In 2000, Rubenstein started out in the picture framing business, opening stores in the San Francisco Bay Area, where his team helped thousands of customers design and install gallery walls. The process created challenges for many and frustrations for most. There was no easy way until he launched PiCTUREPLAYS, where filling your home or office space with favorite vacation, family, and other memorable images is now a reality. And during these uncertain times spent at home, this can be a great way to stay entertained or even become a personal gallerist to friends as well.

Whether you’re framing 1 picture or a multitude, all you need to do is choose a predesigned layout- 14 options- ¬†then customize your collection with a choice of 5 frame/picture sizes. With a museum quality double thick mat included, their handmade wood frames are cut, joined, finished, and inspected just for you in their California workshop. Within a week’s time, they’ll ship to your door at no cost. If you’re just seeking frames, that’s not a problem either as they’re available on their own- you can always turn out self-crafting projects at home. Fun fact, one of their customers- HQ Milton in San Francisco- considers vintage timepieces original works of art for your wrist, so they had the company create a gallery wall for them featuring the Paul Newman Daytona-¬†the original watch gifted to him by his wife Joanna Woodward and worn in his 1968 movie Winning. Rubenstein insists your happiness is the most important principle that guides PiCTUREPLAYS. And he’ll always be happy to hear from you. Use this code CARRIESOURCE for 20% off through December 15. www.pictureplays.com

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