Secret Agent

Posted on: July 17th, 2013 by Carrie Young No Comments

With all this chatter about women empowerment and leaning in these days, I can’t help but think old-school… when brainy femme fatales such as Emma Peel and those fierce Bond Girls really had it going on. Not only did they use their feminine wiles to their advantage, they could out play the best- even Bond. While I’m all about female strength and independence, I have to say my fascination lies with the woman who could not only rule the world, but look like Ursula Andress while doing it.


Apparently so does Alana Winter, founder of Stiletto Spy School where ordinary women, such as soccer moms and lawyers, can partake in a full day of confidence building- a Bond Girl Bootcamp if you will. Based in New York and Las Vegas, Winter created Stiletto Spy School as a vehicle for women to sharpen their survival skills, and her goal is to enable them to take control of their lives by learning techniques that would have never seemed remotely possible.





Should the adventurous girl desire an Uma Thurman moment- a la Kill Bill- this is the place to be. Winter offers themed missions, sending gals off to various locations throughout the city armed with both a spy girl uniform and a spy name– talk about method acting. Hand-to-hand combat training used by Elite Forces and Special Operations agents, seduction dancing and secrets from Burlesque stars, SWAT team-style firearm skills, and working with pros on how keep a poker face among high rollers at the casino are a sampling of Winter’s fast-packed action that will undoubtedly bring out your inner lethal weapon. If you prefer a more covert scenario, Dynamics of awareness, breath control, and movement is based upon and taught by a master of ancient Russian military arts, and even a class in elegance and sophistication- because this is essential spy girl knowledge- will teach you how to mix the best Martini ever…shaken but not stirred, just the way Bond likes it.