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Although I’m a huge proponent of maintaining one’s beauty in the most natural and integral way- yet am totally on board with a bit of nip-tuck when it eventually becomes that time- I am admittedly a beauty hound…constantly sniffing out the newest products, treatments, hair and makeup trends available, and am game enough to try most things once…within reason. And so, I am about to embark on a skincare treatment that is so out there and just a little bit disturbing to even consider…however, it happens to be the most buzzed-about celebrity secret circulating around town these days. Well…if your town is LA that is.




The placenta facial is a beauty innovation using stem cell technology, where important nutrients, minerals, amino acids and proteins are derived from sheep placenta- which contains qi, a life force, according to the Chinese. Promoting cellular renewal, this breakthrough treatment is at times infused with gold flakes at sleek Beverly Hills skincare clinics, but can also be found inside Diane Fumat’s high-end mobile spa- where this French skincare therapist, armed with a suitcase of products, cruises and services in-house throughout the glamorous Westside of Los Angeles. The process can be lengthy, however there is a precision to it- which begins with 30 minutes of exfoliation, followed by a bright LED light directed at the face to open pores, and then the magic happens, as the placenta is applied in serum form…and voila! If Simon Cowell, Victoria Beckham, and Jennifer Lopez could do it, so can I… but don’t tell PETA.


Elsewhere on the Westside, in the picturesque Pacific Palisades, Body Mind Realign is a holistic health and beauty practice located inside Pharmaca, offering chiropractic and natural beauty services- including the placenta facial- as well as therapies such as ultrasound with arnica, percussive massage, hypnotherapy, and medical grade micro-current lunchtime facelifts. Dr. Jane George DC is at the helm, administering adjustments, passive yoga stretch, detox body wraps, and infrared saunas, while their newly established Natural Beauty Division handles the rest. There’s a whole lot of gorgeous going on around the Westside…and it’s not just my beautiful hikes in the canyons.